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Meet our trio: MyEvaluations, the holistic solution powered by milestones, EPAs, quizzes, and schedules; MyCME, your CME event maestro; MyGME Fiscal, the financial guardian. Independently potent, collectively invincible.


MyEvaluations revolutionizes medical training management with streamlined scheduling, patient logs, clinical hour compliance, and custom evaluations. Its efficient workflow and secure, accessible platform save time, resources, and paper, while enabling comprehensive reports and early intervention alerts for improved training outcomes.


MyCME facilitates the fulfillment of CME requirements, enabling organizations to automate PARS reports and maintain cross-departmental financial records. In turn, faculty members gain a unified system for tracking evaluations and reporting MOC to various boards supported by the ACCME.


My GME Fiscal utilizes data from MyEvaluations for precise fiscal management, particularly in Medicare reimbursements. With features like Master Rotation Schedules, Gap and Overlap Analysis, and detailed reports, it provides comprehensive oversight. Use it to ensure accurate submissions and gain unhindered access to critical information.


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Personalized Feedback

Enjoy auto-generated narrative feedback, designed to offer actionable insights on performance.


Holistic Integration

Drawing from evaluations, appraisals, goals, and procedure logs, this ensures a comprehensive feedback approach.


Timely Summaries

Get 6-monthly summary feedback right before key review meetings, making preparation seamless.



With concise summaries, redirect focus to pivotal aspects like patient care and education.

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Simplified Reporting

Leverage geofence tech for easy workhours reporting, negating manual entries.


Hands-Free Tracking

Trainees can log hours without even accessing their phones.


Real-Time Alerts

Receive immediate notifications for non-compliance, ensuring the well-being of trainees.


Promoting Balance

By monitoring clinical hours, cultivate a more balanced, healthier work environment.

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