Ralph A. Martin, M.D., FACP University of Connecticut Residency Program

In 2002, when we were first choosing a vendor for internet based evaluations, you were extremely helpful in providing information about your services for scheduling and cataloging our Resident performance evaluations. We quickly learned we could rely on your answers regarding features, functionalities, and all other aspects of the service. We reviewed about seven similar services, and found that met all of our needs, was quite user friendly, and very reasonably priced. The many functions of have been extremely useful in managing our residency program. We can easily generate reports on overdue evaluations: the system automatically sends email reminders, and we can intervene directly when needed.

Every six months, each Resident meets with a Faculty member to receive aggregate feedback on his/her performance.’s “Summary Performance Evaluation Reports” and “Resident Comments Reports” provide very valuable formative feedback, and we used them routinely at those meetings. Your electronic database also makes it very easy for us to track required invasive procedures certification, and patient logs for our Residents. In fact, we set up a generic password so that nurses at any of the institutions and can check the invasive procedure certification status on a particular Resident 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Residents also fill out monthly evaluations of their rotations. We have found these summary reports very valuable in curriculum and program development.

Overall we have been extremely pleased with Now a majority of the residencies and fellowships, as well as the medical school, at the University of Connecticut have subscribed to the same service. I would highly recommend it to any residency training programs.

Melvin Blanchard, MD Department of Internal Medicine Washington University in St. Louis

As one of the largest academic medical centers in the country, our immediate priority following release of NAS was how to operationalize the requirements across our residency and fellowship programs without disrupting our curriculum. We needed guidance on development of a solution that would meet the outcome and reporting requirements, but also provided the flexibility and convenience we required. is working with us to create a customized solution that meets all of our needs.


Laurel K. Allen Manager, Graduate Medical Education Saint Joseph Hospital

During my nine years using residency management software, I have been consistently impressed by their ability to proactively respond to the ever changing world of GME. Whether the changes are needed at a program level or at an institutional level, MyEvaluations takes customer feedback into consideration, collaborating with instead of dictating to the people who rely on their software.  Case in point, MyEvaluations met the challenge presented by the ACGME Milestone requirements by designing a new Milestones module that works with existing evaluation forms. Because of this innovative approach, our Program Directors and Clinical Competency Committee members were able to spend the bulk of their reviewing Milestone results instead of shuffling through evaluations.

Add to this mix an extremely skilled and receptive customer service team, the ability to reach them 24/7 and 365 days a year. Their top-notch support team has helped us as needed both on-line or on-site.  We have also found their 3-day intensive seminars to be very useful in preparing the GME staff. is a true innovator in the field of GME and it has been a pleasure working with these dedicated professionals.


Karen Ruwoldt, ACSW Divisional Administrative Director Medical Education Henry Ford Health System

I have been using for GME and Residency management for four academic years.Prior to using MyEvaluations I have had experience in working with two other such web based systems. I have found MyEvaluations to be much more user friendly thank the other systems I have worked with.Residents like using a system that they can access via their smartphones really speaks to the functionality of their generation.The residents also like the ease and the graphics involved with the clinical hours submission.

I find the clinical hour reports to be easy to generate and the reminders that are sent to residents to be extremely valuable. I also like the way MyEvaluations has built in the program director comments to any clinical hour violation right into the program. If there is a violation, the resident is prompted to enter the reason. The program director is then sent an email for them to review the violation and make comments. This meets the ACGME and the AOA requirements for documenting instances of violation. Having this happen automatically is invaluable!

The evaluations are easy to create and the program comes with a number of standard questions which are easy to use and reflect the information program directors wish to receive about their residents' performance. The faculty and residents love that they do not have to remember a user ID or password to access the system. Once they receive an email notification of an assignment, they can click on the link and immediately access their home page and all assignments.The evaluation reports are excellent and have been well received by our program directors, DMEs and accreditation reviewers.

I recently was honored to receive a system award for patient safety by using the MyEvaluations procedure log and tracking system to allow any hospital clinician to access information that would allow them to know if a resident was deemed qualified to perform a bedside procedure without direct supervision. The My Evaluation system was not set up to provide this information to the whole system but Dr. Melamed eagerly assisted me in creating a web based access that allowed the needed information to be shared while protecting all other resident related date.His cooperation was essential to our success with this project.

We have just started using the MyQuiz feature and have received positive comments from the residents and the faculty.The quizzes were easy to take, provided timely feedback and the ability to develop reports showing progress over time is an excellent feature.

I use the user demographics area to track licenses, certifications, immunizations, health clearance and other important information as the system will send out expiration reminders with no additional effort on the part of my staff. I also use the portfolio to keep track of and to download all of our affiliation agreements. This allows such information be at my fingertips at any time, at any office or home.

The support staff are excellent. My staff have developed a warm and supportive relationship with them.Questions are answered in a timely manner and the staff go a long way to make sure the needs of the customer are met.I have found that MyEvaluations has been very interested in my needs and has been very willing to work on new features or to adapt current features to meet my needs. The best example is with the use of the procedure reports as a patient safety measure in the hospital.MyEvaluations has been ahead of the curve in the adaptation of the system to meet new clinical hour requirements and reporting guidelines.They are also very much ahead of the curve and involved in working on the milestones requirements that the ACGME is implementing. I have actually learned more about this project from MyEvaluations than I have from other venues! is an excellent product and has met all my needs. My next challenge is to move forward with a paperless office in GME.We already have avoided printing and filing evaluations as they are easily accessible via MyEvaluations. We are now scanning in diplomas, licenses, contracts, resident scholarly projects, etc. as a means of not having to keep copies in a paper file.MyEvaluations provides a number of opportunities for housing such materials and more.

I would not hesitate to recommend to any organization offering GME training.

Marcie Becker, Director of GME at MetroHealth Medical Center

Our institution started using MyEvaluations over 10 years ago. We have seen many upgrades. Our programs utilize the evaluations, conference tracking, procedure logs, and reporting features to name a few. Our Graduate Medical Education office relies on the portfolio feature to keep our housestaff files. The system is dependable for the CME tracking too. We know the information is safe, secure, and at our fingertips. MyEvaluations has allowed our institution to develop technologically with its great personalized service. We look forward to growing with MyEvaluations!

Keith B. Armitage, M.D., University Hospitals of Cleveland

We are very pleased with the customer service from They typically respond to our email queries within a few hours, and have been very effective problem solvers for us. They are also responsive when we phone with questions.

MyEvaluations has been easy to use to develop customized evaluation tools and reports. We are able to create our own questions and use a very large variety of evaluation scales. We have created a portfolio of customized evaluations for our program.

MyEvaluations has a easy to use procedure documentation system, and we have been able to generate reports and procedure tracking.

Overall, we have found MyEvaluations very efficient and effective in managing our residency.


William B McIlvaine, MD, FRCPC, FAAP Texas Tech University Health Science Center

The latest version of has many substantial improvements that will help us as the product reaches a wider audience here in El Paso at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. The overall ease of use has increased for both my work as the Program Director and the faculty members.

The system provides a straightforward interface for the residents as users and for the department staff as administrators. Blending these two different approaches to entering and collecting data is a challenge. The reporting function is much faster than before. I can prepare reports as needed when meeting with either faculty or residents. 

Even though we are more than a year away from the new accreditation system from the ACGME, and the rollout of the milestones, is ready to help us meet those new needs.

We are also developing a paperless system by using all the features of the software for the current residents. I know the software will provide a solid system for meeting the needs of the graduates as they move forward in their careers. Thanks for listening to the users and meeting our needs on every platform that we use from tablets, to pads to desktop systems.


Anonymous General Surgery Residency Program

I have actively utilized the MyEvaluations software as a management tool for the general surgery residency program for nearly three years and plan to utilize it in our new internal medicine residency program which starts in July 2013.

Having reports at your fingertips makes it much easier to regularly monitor completion of evaluations and clinical hours.The automated weekly reminders are very effective in keeping the faculty and residents up to date on their evaluation assignments.

I think that Dr. Melamed and his staff are constantly striving to make the program an effective tool to assist program managers and directors meet accreditation requirements.They are already ahead of the game in setting up a “milestones” module. I feel the client services and support staff have been very diligent is answering questions and resolving issues.

Diane Blahun, Admin. & Clinical Systems Coordinator University of Connecticut School of Medicine

As the Administrative & Clinical Systems Coordinator for Educational Assessment at the UCONN Health Center’s School of Medicine,  my responsibility for the past nine years (since 2004) has been to support the system for hundreds of our users among which are faculty, medical students, staff along with course directors, section leaders and various Deans.  


In working with Dr. David Melamed on my use of this sophisticated system, I am continually  impressed by his consistent and exceedingly prompt, professional and amiable support in the use of this system.  Turnaround time is extraordinary on whatever the request or question may be.  New features on system have offered exemplary options of reporting and summarizing evaluations on our faculty, students, and residents, allowing us to select the perfect fit for our desired way of reporting sensitive and confidential data.  


In developing our reports, connectivity among our eleven departments on the system, allows the utmost of ease in capturing all necessary data across all disciplines and years within the School of Medicine.  Reports appear inherently flawless with polished formats containing all required and desired elements.  Dr. Melamed always amenable to whatever will make things work even better for our particular needs, continually develops new features and aspects on the system.    


Compliance features on system allow us in lightning speed time to assess the status of our compliance with specific  evaluation guidelines.  The application’s superb overall abilities and features along with Dr. Melamed’s exceptional presence, leadership, service, and support combine into a unique system on the cutting edge of the best to be found with the humanity and level of client service rarely found in an organization. 

Laura Scully, Jacobi Medical Center

Our residency program has been using the on-line software since 2002 & for me personally since 2005. Given that I come to health care from a corporate environment, I’ve found the ease of the many features offered in administering a physician residency program invaluable, especially when it comes to automating many labor-intensive tasks. The format is clear & easy to follow, and it’s on mark in providing numerous evaluation measures that are required to reliably assess resident performance. The various stages of information not only provide data on trainee competence but provide valuable feedback on faculty teaching as well. All in the confines of a reliable secure environment.

There are many features I appreciate but my favorite part is the Demographic Report, a true time-saver. Information entered manually can be retrieved into an all-inclusive concise document with just a few key strokes. Admittedly, that’s a function I’ve used on many occasions. Lastly, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the support staff, which provides a rapid response to any and all queries posed to them. Needless to say I and JMC are pleased with all aspects of the program.


Anonymous State University Program

I have been using the software since 2003 to manage medical residents and students evaluations, clinical hours, conference attendance, and human resources information. is very user friendly and is able to connect the resident and/or student account with all other resident accounts using at our hospital and all the student clerkships so that you may assign a resident evaluation or student evaluation and an attending from another department may complete it. 

The student clerkships have been very successful in using the MyQuiz module.  It is very helpful to have a database of questions to choose from and to be able to design your quiz the way you want to.  You may even assign the day and time you want the students to take the quiz. 

Anytime a program director would like a special feature added, such as a download of evaluations into the Moodle program, the staff will begin working on the new feature immediately and it is usually operational within a few days.

I can personally say that I have always received immediate and personal attention for any issue or new ideas that need to be implemented.  The support staff,  especially the CEO, Dr. David Melamed are always on available by email or phone to answer any questions.  They are constantly updating and refining the program to better meet the needs of residency programs and medical schools.  Dr. Melamed is always up to date with the changing regulations of both the ACGME for residency programs and the LCME for medical schools and is quick to suggest ways to better implement these changes. 


Kathleen Peterson, Medical Education Information Services Henry Ford Health System and the Henry Ford Health System have been partners for the last 4-5 years.  We are a large institution with over 650 residents and fellows on our main campus and another 150 or so residents at two other hospitals in our system.  We have a decentralized structure with all of the residency and fellowship programs running independently.  The software is flexible enough to accommodate different ways of doing things but also integrated so that different programs can easily share reports, procedures, faculty, and residents.  The support services are great, responding the same day to requests or problems.  We were given extensive training in the features when we started and ongoing training for the upgrades.  There are extensive help files and written documentation on the use of the several features of and its accompanying software On Call from have features that handle all aspects of residency tracking including scheduling, online evaluations, procedure tracking, patient logs, conference tracking and clinical hours.  It has a feature entitled “My Portfolio” that allows for documents, presentations, and curriculum to be uploaded.  My Portfolio sends notices to the residents/fellows of a department that there is curriculum that must be read and allows the coordinator to track who has read this curriculum.  With the recent upgrade, evaluations can be set up so that milestones can be uploaded and progress toward the completion of those milestones can be tracked.  There is a financial module that the finance department on main campus does not use but is being used successfully at our other two hospitals.  Accreditations, yearly requirements, licensing and all kinds of information can be tracked in is web based.  This means that the software can be used anywhere.  The physicians who are being asked to complete evaluations or log procedures can complete these tasks not only at work but at home or even on their smart phones.  The application is robust and web pages open and load quickly.  Information can be entered without delays and reports load and run in a reasonable time.  Since it is web based and stores the data, there is no hardware to buy or software to install.  The company worked with our IT department to make sure emails were not be blocked by the firewall and they have made sure that any ongoing changes our IT department needed to know about were communicated.  The website is rarely down and we are notified of planned downtimes for maintenance or upgrade.


Finally, is always endeavoring to stay current with the ACGME requirements.  When the clinical hour requirements changed, had already updated the software so that it could accommodate the changes and was contacting us to make sure we were aware of these changes.  They have already updated the system to accommodate milestones and our program directors have received a presentation from Dr. David Melamed (Founder and CEO) about the changes and how our current evaluations can be integrated into the new system.  We will be working on this integration in the next year. has been serving the needs of our residency and fellowship programs for several years now.  When our programs go through their audits, they are able to pull out of the software all of the documentation that they need.  We have found that keeping all of the information in one place with the ability to run reports instead of trying to create reports from paper files is a real time saver.  We have used 3 different residency tracking systems in the ten years that I have been at Henry Ford Health System and is definitely far superior to anything else we have used.


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