IRIS/STAR Reporting

The IRIS MyGME module is utilized by finance personnel to gather and export IRIS information for the Medicare Cost Reports. Reports are automatically generated based on the demographic and rotation schedules reported by departments utilizing residency management services. 

  • Create Master Rotation Schedules in real-time for the institution without re-entering the rotation assignments. These schedules are fully integrated with AMION/OnCall schedules.
  • Produce Medicare cost reports and IRIS export files, pulled directly from the block schedules
  • Import data for incoming residents from ERAS Residency Programs
  • Calculate FTE count reports that integrate rotation assignment and resident demographic information to determine correct FTE for each individual
  • Calculate meal tickets based on the call schedules
  • Produce satellite institution invoices automatically for resident services
  • Identify gaps and overlaps in rotation assignments
  • Global data access for GME Office and Designated Institutional Official. Program-by-program compliance reporting

Electronic Portfolios

Centralized data management for all data and documents. The institution, department and individual user may upload and track educational documents and material in real-time. Provide summary reports on performance as well as educational compliance.

  • Document uploading by individuals and the department
  • Summary compliance reporting
  • GME demographic management
  • Credential tracking over the course of training
  • Compliance with ACGME requirements

360° Evaluations

The Evaluations module provides tools to design, distribute and report on the performance of all personnel and rotations. The 360 degree system may be utilized by individual programs and the institution to automatically assign evaluations based on the block schedules for all members of the healthcare team.

  • Automatically generate evaluations for all personnel assigned to a rotation
  • Anonymous evaluations on rotations and peers
  • Extensive reporting and cross-analysis

    • Peer/Group and Departmental averages
    • Individual performance averages by competency
    • Minimum and maximum scores and Standard Deviation
    • Completion status reporting by department and institution
  • Electronic signatures and tracking verbal compliance for reviews
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Automatic EarlyWarning™ email notification on poor performance
  • Voluntary/Ad-hoc/On-the-fly evaluations individuals

Milestones Managements has implemented an advanced and intuitive system to manage Milestone, Entrustable Professional Activities, and Curricular Milestones.

  • Our patented competency-based evaluation system integrates new and existing evaluation data in order to streamline ACGME NAS reporting.
  • All rotation evaluations are tabulated and compared against benchmarks for each trainee, program and level of training.
  • Curricular Assessment Worksheets provide the director with one-click NAS reporting options.
  • Expert client service personnel help you develop a comprehensive learning management solution.

Schedule Integration

Seamless schedule integration makes your works easier. Use your existing schedules or utilize integrated schedules to automate:

  • Evaluation assignments specific to the rotation and training-Level.
  • Curriculum notifications with integrated goals & objectives, procedures, and patient log requirements.
  • Rotation-compliance reporting to monitor teaching and learning at the point of delivery.
  • Clinic Hour (Duty-Hours) management with data pre-population, processing, and verification.
  • IRIS/STAR reports and data exporting, Medicare cost reports, and institutional invoicing.

MyEvaluations provides seamless integration of the following schedule management services:


Department administrators and Chief Residents can easily build and manage annual block schedule, call and clinic schedules, and shift assignments. All personnel, including the hospital operator may access schedules to see who's on call or on a specific rotation.

  • Implement templates, patterns, staffing rules, and auto-scheduler tools to make quick work of building and fine-tuning schedules.
  • Personnel can view assignments, page colleagues, and make special requests, and swap shifts.
  • Easily gather day-off requests, fill in assignments and broadcast finished schedules
  • All users have access to AMION mobile app, as well as direct schedule integration into the MyEvaluations mobile app.
  • Hospital operator will always have access to last minute changes!
  • Readily check daily call lists across entire hospital

Drive efficiency and performance across your organization with QGenda.

  • QGenda Advanced Scheduling: Build your schedule with the highest quality, transparency, flexibility, and fairness possible – with amazing ease.
  • QGenda On-Call: Increase access while reducing chance of error with centralized on-call scheduling.
  • QGenda Room Management: Increase room utilization to improve patient access and drive revenue.
  • QGenda Insights: Optimize staffing supply and demand with QGenda reporting and analytics.
  • QGenda Time Tracking: Take control of time & attendance tracking.
  • QGenda Compensation Management: Experience a seamless and efficient payroll process.
  • QGenda Integrations: Integrations that support your workflow with direct data integration into MyEvaluations as well as direct schedule integration into the MyEvaluations mobile app.
Lighting Bolt

Lightning Bolt’s solution delivers healthcare’s most advanced physician and staff scheduling software to reduce burnout and improve patient access.

  • Rule-Based Scheduling: Lightning Bolt’s advanced AI technology chooses the best available option, considering millions of possible variations to automatically deliver the best possible schedule, every time.
  • Standard Provider Scheduling: Lightning Bolt offers both AI-optimized scheduling (for teams with more complex scheduling rules and requirements) and standard scheduling (streamlined manual scheduling) solutions.
  • On-Call Scheduling: Real-time, up-to-date call schedules allow providers to contact the right physician to deliver the right care at the right time—optimizing response times and saving lives.
  • Scheduling Analytics: Lightning Bolt’s analytics and reporting help you see the metrics that matter to you, with the flexibility to easily create customized reports on almost any field in the system.
  • Care Team Collaboration: To meet care quality and patient experience goals, technologies that reduce manual and repetitive tasks are increasingly critical to streamline and automate workflows.
  • Integrations: Direct data integration into MyEvaluations as well as direct schedule integration into the MyEvaluations mobile app.

Additional schedule integration services are available upon request.

Curriculum Management

A variety of curriculum items may be uploaded into the trainees portfolio and associated with a specific rotation/block schedule. Trainees receive an automatic email notification to view the curriculum when the rotation begins. will document when each item has been reviewed.

  • Ability to assign curriculum for a particular rotation
  • Ability to assign curriculum to trainees with special requirements
  • Automatic email reminders to view curriculum prior to the start of the rotation
  • Electronic verification upon review of the curriculum

Procedure Tracking

Trainees may log procedures from either the web or mobile interface support for Android and Apple iOS devices. will track progress towards departmental goals, as well as forced certifications and revocation. All procedure data is centralized for nurses to review competence. Reports track supervisors, error and complications.

  • Submission by any Mobile Device or Web interface
  • Supervisors sign-off on completion with competence tracking
  • Automatic email notification to supervisors
  • Automatic credentialing or Manual verification by administrators
  • High quality video, step-by-step text and illustrations for top medical procedures
  • Fully searchable how-to instructions
  • Online training on indications, contraindications, anatomy, and equipment for procedures

Patient Log Tracking

Both the department and institution can tracks a history of each patient that a trainee has logged. Information can be reviewed by training level, diagnosis category, location, encounter type and more. Patient logs are linked between departments in order to provide a comprehensive history of each trainees medical education history.

  • All PHI (e.g. Patient Name) is stored and reported with HIPAA compliance
  • Patient information is accessible to personnel directly involved in the patient's care
  • Post-patient care evaluations for self-review and educational compliance
  • Integrated procedures and patient logs into a single interface
  • Reports by location, encounter type, diagnosis classification and more

Learning Assignments

Trainees may submit reading and summaries to track compliance with curriculum requirements.

  • Specify required text for reading
  • Self-reporting on reading documents
  • Submission of reading summaries
  • Integrated reporting

Conference Tracking

Administrators may track clinic and conference attendance by utilizing the web or PDA interface. Conference may be integrated with document handouts that are accessible to all personnel. Conference documents may be searched by topic, description and presenter. Both permanent and local speakers can be assigned to a conference . Administrators may report attendance electronically. Extensive reports provide for percentage attendance to required and optional conferences.

  • Submission by any Mobile Device or Web interface
  • Create reoccurring conference
  • Attach conference documents to the schedule
  • Reports by trainee and for entire department

Clinical Hours (Duty-Hours)

Track each trainees work hours via the web or PDA interface. Configure clinical Hour rules that are in compliance with the ACGME/RRC requirements. Clinical Hours are validated in real-time as the hours are submitted. Trainees can utilized a graphical interface for self-reporting work hours, or simply sign-off on their hours based on the block schedule. Violations are reported to the department administrators for immediate identification. Violation reports are accessible by the trainee, department and institution.

  • Automatic email notification of violations
  • Graphical interface for self-reporting clinical hours
  • Configure rules for each department
  • Full integration with schedules
  • Clinic and conference attendance integrated into clinical hours and IRIS reporting
  • Reports by trainee and for entire department

CME Tracking

Comprehensive CME (Continuing Medical Education) management systems for generating event-specific evaluations, tracking CME credits, generating CME certificates, and direct data communication to the ACCME (Accreditation Counsel for Continuing Medical Education).

Simply your CME management process. We offer CME solutions that meet the needs of both small and large organizations. You may implement the standard CME Services below and have the option to upgrade to the CME+ Portal for more functionalities.

CME Services

  • Design Streamlined CME Evaluations
  • Generate automatic e-mail reminders to complete evaluations
  • Track event topics and locations
  • Customized learning objectives
  • Self-check-in for events using QR code and attestation
  • Setup and manage a durable CME library for ad-hoc learning
  • Implement videos, handouts, and quizzes tied to CME events
  • Detailed and summary attendance reports
  • Generate CME certificates in real-time after completing and submitting evaluations
  • Web portal and mobile application for iOS and Android

CME+ Portal

  • All the CME Services outlined above
  • Integration with the ACCME’s PARS
  • Direct communication of CME details to the ACCME
  • Manage Maintenance of Certification for various Boards
  • Event registration with option to collect registration fee
  • Integrate both your organization’s providers and community physicians
  • Track income and expenses associated with each event
  • Generate CME related financial statements

Demonstration & Pricing

Please send an email ( or contact our sales office (866) 422-0554. A representative will answer and address your questions and arrange for a complete demonstration.

Service and Support

Administrative Support is available 365/24/7. Everything from a username and password reminder or to address critical application issues. We have a representative who can answer questions as well as specific institutional needs.

We provide an on-time service window of 3-hours for critical issues and 24-hours for non-critical issues and general questions. If the issue requires a call back then a support representative will call the administrator to help resolve the issue.

Mobile App provides full support for all Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.


Use our mobile app to access the following modules:

  • Access with Face ID, Touch ID, or Fingerprint or Username
  • Access with Institutional Single Sign-On Access
  • Evaluation Completion, Review, and Sign-Off
  • Milestone Performance and Progression Review
  • Clinical Work Hour (Duty-Hour) Submission, Review, and Verification
  • Schedules Integration
  • View Calendar, Conferences, and Work Schedules
  • Procedure Logging, Review, and Verification
  • Procedure Competency Reporting
  • Patient Logging and Review
  • Conference Attending Tracking
  • CME Attendance, Evaluation, and Certificate Management
  • Learning Assignments Submission and Review
  • Quiz Submission and Review
  • Electronic Portfolio
  • Messaging
  • Push Notifications

Download the MyEvaluations mobile app from the application store: